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Driving? Texting while walking is bad too.

It is not a warn that when we travel and text, we see a large dump in observation your surroundings, though did we know that when are walking and texting or articulate on a phone during a same time, your speed of walking declines by a whopping 16%? Well that is a anticipating of a investigate from the Stonybrook University. The investigate was conducted by Eric Lamberg and Lisa Muratori who complicated 33 participants and was reported in a Gait Posture. In a news release, Lamberg noted:

We were astounded to find that articulate and texting on a dungeon phone were so disruptive to one’s speed and memory remember of a aim location,” says Eric M. Lamberg, PT, EdD, co-author of a investigate and Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, School of Health Technology and Management, Stony Brook University.

Although walking seems automatic, areas in a mind determining executive duty and pleasantness are required for walking. Dr. Lamberg says that a poignant reductions in quickness and problem progressing march indicates dungeon phone use and texting impacts operative memory of these tasks.

Sure it is usually 33 participants and needs some-more study, though still! While we can know a texting being a large daze — that’s because we’re saying gadgets that invalidate non-hands-free smartphone activities while driving — we was vacant during a decrease in walking speed.

Image pleasantness of Flickr user yumanuma

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Yo RIM: Where’s your clarity of urgency?

RIM’s new CEO Thorsten Heins hold his initial discussion call Monday morning, reiterating his perspective that a association is not in need of a vital shake-up, but some alleviation in processes, selling and consumer focus.

Heins pronounced he was open to chartering a BlackBerry 10 height set to seem during a finish of this year, though is focused now on strengthening RIM’s integrated smartphone model.

“I don’t consider there is some extreme change needed. We are evolving, we are elaborating a plan … this is not a seismic change, this is scaling a association further,” Heins said.

He pronounced a association needs to concentration on being some-more marketing-driven and communicating to customers, generally consumers. Heins also mentioned he is looking to fill a open arch selling officer position as shortly as possible, removing someone who can listen as good as promulgate and take RIM’s selling adult a notch.

Heins pronounced RIM also needs to govern improved on innovation. There needs to be a some-more nurse routine of achieving innovation, he thinks, and afterwards building a product, so a creation discoveries can be practical to prototypes, not products in a midst of development. Heins, who was many recently Chief Operating Officer for Product and Sales, pronounced he was not hold behind formerly as COO.

One thing Heins is not meddlesome in doing is separating RIM’s businesses. He pronounced he sees a company’s strength is in a integrated proceed to hardware, program and ecosystem, sketch a comparison to Apple. He touted QNX, a basement of both a PlayBook handling complement and a BlackBerry 10 smartphone platform, observant it could be practical to other markets over tablets and smartphones. He also touted QNX’s ability to hoop loyal multi-tasking and pronounced it will be means to run Android apps, that should residence questions about a series of apps accessible on BlackBerry devices.

Heins also combined that he was meddlesome in building adult a enlightenment to empower employees to take suitable decisions, take risks and be accountable for their decisions.

Again, this isn’t most opposite than a comments put out final night by Heins. But it again shows what RIM’s priorities are. The association doesn’t see a large problem on a hands, only something a small some-more efficiency, creation and selling will solve. we wish that’s Heins being some-more thoughtful to former CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie since it seems like a association needs some-more than that to unequivocally compete.

There doesn’t seem to be a genuine clarity of coercion on a partial of Heins and that could a problem. RIM is descending behind and it needs to renovate itself quickly. If we have any doubt, only demeanour during Nokia over a past few years: It might have had a right plan though took distant too prolonged to govern it.

Heins seems to trust that RIM’s going to be excellent since it’s got an integrated approach, only like that “other fruit company.” But there’s a lot of stretch between Apple and BlackBerry and we don’t consider selling is a pivotal differentiator here. RIM needs to put out some stellar inclination with good program and apps. If we do that, a selling comes some-more easily. Right now, RIM doesn’t have most of a story to tell and a new CMO won’t change things. RIM needs to find something that it can do improved than others. It can’t only strech relation with iOS and Android and wish it can contest again.

That’s because I’m a disturbed about Heins. He doesn’t seem prepared to unequivocally light a glow underneath RIM. And with Lazaridis and Balsillie hovering over him, we consternation if he can mangle giveaway of their bequest fast adequate and forcefully adequate to matter. We’ll see. We only have difference from RIM here. The genuine exam is what products we see and how fast they come to market.

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Plug-in tool halts phone texting, apps while driving

Scosche has a elementary plug-and-play resolution to assistance quell smartphone activities while driving. Users insert a $129 CellControl in to their vehicle’s OBD-II interface — a customary pier on cars constructed after 1996 — that pairs with a CellControl app on a smartphone. When a procedure detects a automobile is in motion, all handset activities are disabled, with a difference of hands-free functions.

Texting, phone calls, email and apps are generally close down while pushing with a CellControl and attempts to mislay or breach with a procedure can be automatically reported to a device admin. That’s accessible if a kids try to by-pass a system, for example. Music libraries are still accessible for use on a car’s receiver and calls taken by a Bluetooth headset or an auto’s integrated wireless complement are still authorised with a system.

This is a intelligent process to assistance cut down on dreaming pushing since of cellphones; smarter in my opinion than legislation to accomplish identical results. Laws that foreordain no handset use in vehicles can extent a use of profitable smartphone functions such as plcae services, puncture calls and integrated apps for us in a car. Granted, not everybody can means a $129 CellControl, though it’s a viable choice that uses record to urge safety.

For now, Scosche’s program is upheld on Android and BlackBerry handsets as good as comparison Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 devices. we don’t design to see a CallControl benefit iOS support as apps that control and iPhone’s core functionality generally aren’t authorized by Apple. Perhaps Cupertino would make an difference or cruise a chartering agreement with Scosche, given how distracting it can be to use a phone while driving.

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MobileTechRoundup podcast part 258

MoTR 258 is 64 mins prolonged and is a 54 MB record in MP3 format.

CLICK HERE to download a file and listen directly.

HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)

CES thoughts including:

  • Huawei’s smartphone and tablet
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE (Kevin is meditative of timid a ol’ GTab)
  • Asus Transformer Prime
  • Intel (yes, Intel!) in an Android inscription and in a Lenovo smartphone
  • Galaxy Note
  • Nokia Lumia 900
  • HzO technology
  • Ultrabooks!
  • Matt’s HTC Radar experience

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Android this week: Acer A200 tablet; a must-have app; Ice Cream Sandwich rolls out

Android was everywhere during this month’s Consumer Electronics Show, though a downside to a eventuality is that many products don’t strike sell shelves for months. Acer took a decidedly different proceed by rising a A200 inscription during CES and removing it in stores shortly after. A 16 GB chronicle of a A200 is now accessible during Best Buy for $349, or $100 reduction than final year’s A500 slate. But outward of a cost drop, there isn’t many that’s opposite in this 10.1-inch inscription refresh.

Just like a aged A500, Acer chose a 1 GHz twin core processor and a Honeycomb chronicle of Android for a new A200. The device is lighter and keeps a many ports from a before model: Full-sized USB, microSD label container and micro USB jack to name a few. Gone is a back camera on a A200, though it does keep a 2 megapixel front-facing sensor for video chatting or images. At this price, a A200 is certainly value a demeanour and will be even some-more appealing once Acer pushes out a approaching program refurbish to Android 4.0; presumably as early as subsequent month.

Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi inscription owners don’t have to wait for a ambience of Ice Cream Sandwich, however. The association began to hurl out Android 4.0.3 to a Xoom this week and will continue to pull a program out in waves. The updated program could assistance give new life for a initial Android tablet, that arrived scarcely a year ago to generally common reviews.

How many will Android 4.0 urge a knowledge on a Xoom tablet? That will change by any individual’s needs, though altogether the device is softened with a updated program according to Jason Perlow of ZDNet. He used a enthusiast-created chronicle for dual weeks and afterwards got a central ascent a few days progressing than consumers. There are still some severe edges in a handling system, he says, though many will acquire a softened interface on their tablet.

While we wait for Android 4.0 to seem on my possess 10.1-inch tablet, I’m enjoying Android 4.0 on my smartphone and this week found a new app that we cruise a “must try”, if not a “must have” for Android devices. Wikipedia finally debuted a Android app this week and while we could use a browser to entrance a online encyclopedia, we find a free app in a Android Market much better. Simple pity of Wikipedia entries, support for offline essay reading and GPS-powered internal Wikipedia formula all supplement to a experience.

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Why you’ll shortly adore your cellphone contract

ContractCellphone contracts suck, though flattering many everybody in a U.S. still has one. For a immeasurable infancy of people, signing a agreement is a usually approach to get a phone they wish for a cost they can afford. But contracts benefaction problems: They’re 24 months long, though phones typically have issues after a initial 12 months (when manufacturer’s warranties have expired); if a phone is lost, a agreement still stands, nonetheless a consumer has no phone; and newer phones that are distant some-more fascinating are expelled yearly or some-more frequently, nonetheless consumers are stranded with a same aged phone. But carriers need contracts about as many as consumers contempt them. It’s a usually approach to safeguard that consumers will be there month after month, permitting carriers to replenish a investment they make in phone purchases. (Your standard iPhone is sole during sell for $200 though indeed cost carriers $600-$660, and this price is increasing.)

But what if all of this changed? What if consumers indeed enjoyed signing contracts? What if carriers usually gave divided phones — all of them —  for free?

What do consumers get?

Carriers need to rethink a stream indication of phone ownership. It’s not operative for them or consumers. So let’s introduce a new one: phone leasing. It would work like this. A consumer can get a giveaway phone, any indication they would like, and can keep it for 12 months. No assign aside from their monthly bill. If there are any issues with a phone, they would many expected still be lonesome by a manufacturer’s warranty. And any reasonable issues not lonesome by a manufacturer’s guaranty would be lonesome by a conduit for free.

What’s a catch?

The conduit owns a phone, and it contingency be returned after a 12 months is up. Moreover, instead of signing a two-year contract, consumers would have to pointer a four- to five-year one. But, and this is a large but, when a consumer gives that 12-month-old phone behind to a carrier, they’ll get a mint one of their choice — any singular year of a contract.

What do carriers get out of this model?

Three things: More phone “sales” — obscure a cost of phone merger will lead to some-more contracts; longer agreement means some-more patron loyalty; and leasing instead of offered phones means a phones can be resold once a 12 months is adult (a standard iPhone goes for $300-400 on Craigslist). So instead of a conduit purchasing a phone for, say, $650 from a manufacturer and usually removing $200 during sell from a consumer, losing $450 in a process, they’ll be means to resell that phone after 12 months for $300-400. This routine will be steady until a agreement ends.

But because would a conduit go this track when a shake rate (the commission of consumers leaving) is so low? More profit. Smartphone adoption is growing, though it would be flourishing many faster if smartphones were free. Moreover, carriers are fundamentally competing with a same phones (barring T-Mobile, that still doesn’t have a iPhone) and really identical monthly plans. Adding such a devise would be a game-changer that would yield a estimable rival advantage. Lastly, shake might be low — Verizon, for instance, reported 1.1 percent among 88 million agreement subscribers. That equates to 88,000 people, or scarcely half a competition of Richmond, Va., withdrawal any quarter. With each subscriber value $54.89 of revenue, $4.8 million value of shake walks divided any quarter.

Why not prepaid instead?

Of march a prepaid phone marketplace is an option, though for many consumers it is not a delicious one. Part of a reason could be due to a miss of cachet; a notice stays that prepaid users don’t have good adequate credit to get a contract. But an even larger reason is a miss of cutting-edge phones a prepaid marketplace offers. For instance, a iPhone (as good as many renouned phones) isn’t accessible as a prepaid option. And for carriers, on average, prepaid has a aloft shake rate and creates reduction revenue.

Carriers have small choice though to shake adult a cellphone market. It’s developed for a revolution.

John S. Wilson is a freelance author who focuses on technology, politics and health policy. He writes for NewsOne, The Loop 21, and Mediaite, and can be reached on Twitter: @johnwilson

Image pleasantness of Flickr user jason.lengstorf.

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Acer’s $349 10.1″ Android inscription lands in U.S.

Acer introduced a A200 tablet during a Consumer Electronics Show progressing in January, and distinct many products shown during a event, this one is already accessible for sale in a U.S. Best Buy is already stocking a 16 GB chronicle of a A200 in some stores for $349.99; an 8 GB chronicle isn’t accessible yet, though will cost $20 less. The cost is right for a vast tablet, though does that meant this line-up will sell quickly?

It’s too shortly to say, though for those seeking a low-cost, vast tablet, there are a few points to cruise in a A200. Although it’s a new model, it’s still formed on final year’s inscription technology. The device is powered by a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, for example, and runs Android 3.2 (Honeycomb). Acer is pronounced to be rolling out a program refurbish to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) as early as mid-February, however.

I reviewed a identical A500 inscription final year and found it to be a able line-up and a good value for a $449 cost tag. Just like that model, a A200 uses a 1280 x 800 fortitude display. Those who wish ports and options positively should be happy with a A200, as it generally provides many of a critical ones: full-sized USB 2.0, micro USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microSD memory label container and 2-megapixel front-facing camera. Battery life is estimated during 8 hours.

That Acer found a approach to build a identical inscription that shaves a small weight as good as $100 off a suggested cost is positively impressive. Once a device sees a Android 4.0 program update, we design it to stir even more. But new Android tablets with some-more able hardware are entrance soon, so sales are expected to count on how most value consumers understand in a A200. we devise to strike adult my internal Best Buy over a weekend and see for myself.

In a meantime, we found a nice overview video of a A200 during Android Central to prove my curiosity. More critical to me than a hardware demeanour is a program customization Acer revamped for a A200. we like what we see in a new Ring launcher and integrated screenshot constraint function. Have a demeanour and see what we think.

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Will Apple put Siri in everything?

Apple has wisely selected to obvious a voice partner Siri, and a Patently Apple blog did what it does best: dug adult a obvious and dissected it.

The obvious is long, minute and goes into a lot of abyss about how Siri works and could work, including as a personalized recommendation use for online shopping, as a transport engagement service, and as partial of a automobile navigation complement or a car’s party system. Clearly Apple would wish to cover a bases when it comes to Siri and a intensity destiny uses. But it doesn’t meant Apple is now operative on any of this. Still, it’s always engaging to get a demeanour during what a sly association is during slightest pondering.

The obvious also discusses all a opposite inclination that could potentially be Siri-enabled. Writes Patently Apple:

Apple’s obvious focus lists a good series of inclination over a iPhone that Siri might use in a future. They include, a iPod hold (a personal digital assistant), iMac (desktop computer), MacBook (laptop computer), iPad (tablet computer), consumer electronic devices, consumer party devices; iPod (music player); camera; television; Apple TV (set-top box); electronic gaming unit; kiosk or a like.

The obvious also discusses that a voice-assistant record could be used in “any handling complement such as, for example, iOS or Mac OSX.” Do we wish Siri in everything? I’m not certain we wish to speak to my mechanism or my camera. But we will haven visualisation until there is an tangible product so we can see what a intensity doing of it would demeanour like.

If we wish a nitty-gritty of how Siri works, see a original post. For some-more about a overwhelming intensity of voice-controlled devices, see Kevin Tofel’s GigaOM Pro news (subscription required) on a subject of “invisible interfaces.”

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Why Super Bowl 46 will have super connectivity

Averaging some-more than 100 million viewers worldwide, a annual Super Bowl diversion is among a many watched sports events each year. Many of us watch in a friendly proportions of a homes, where we can simply bond to a web to see who is tweeting about a diversion or a commercials. But what if we are indeed during a Super Bowl: How good or bad is mobile broadband there?

This year it ought to be utterly good, formed on a behind-the-scenes demeanour during a preparations Verizon is holding to beef adult wireless connectivity during Lucas Oil Stadium. The GottaBeMobile site has a details, that are common in this brief video.

Some engaging contribution about a event’s special wireless infrastructure, according to GottaBeMobile:

  • 9 antennas that are partial of a distributed receiver complement (DAS) outward a track to hoop increasing downtown traffic
  • 400 receiver inner DAS to hoop 3G and 4G LTE voice and information inside a stadium
  • 600 receiver Wi-Fi complement able of doing 28,000 simultaneous connected users; giveaway for Super Bowl 46
  • 3 dungeon on wheels (COWs). Stand-alone generator-powered dungeon towers to hoop a intensely high-demand areas

Of course, if we are spending a few thousand dollars to be a live witness during a large game, we will probably wish to compensate tighten courtesy a live action. But it’s good to know we can twitter about how good that $12 prohibited dog was during halftime, no?

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Tablets: a ideal selling device

Modern tablets have usually been on a marketplace for reduction than twin years, yet they have fast turn manly offered collection that beget an outsized outcome on online commerce. Last year was a year that a inscription became an online retailer’s best crony as it emerged as a elite device for many shoppers to make their purchases.

The latest information came progressing this week from Adobe Digital Marketing Insights (pdf), that found that tablet users spend over 50 percent some-more for any transaction during an online tradesman compared to smartphone users and 20 percent some-more than normal mechanism users. Adobe found that a normal sequence value for inscription users was $123 on normal per purchase, 54 percent some-more than smartphone users ($80) and 21 percent some-more than mechanism users ($102).

Adobe also found that inscription users were three times some-more expected to buy something than smartphone users and nearly as expected to modify to a squeeze as normal mechanism users. Tablet users now make adult 4 percent of all sum web visits to retailers, adult from 1 percent a year ago. Adobe collected a information from 16.2 billion visits to a websites of some-more than 150 retailers in 2011.

The information is unchanging with other commentary in a prior months that prove usually how tablets are means to emanate a bigger commerce outcome notwithstanding a smaller reach. Last year Forrester reported that tablets accounted for 20 percent of e-commerce sales, even yet usually 9 percent of shoppers possess tablets.

A study by Ipsos OTX MediaCT on interest of PayPal found that inscription owners were roughly twice as expected to make purchases as those who usually have smartphones. And 28 percent of twin smartphone and inscription owners pronounced they were certain they spent some-more due to mobile shopping, compared with 13 percent of smartphone owners who pronounced a same.

Some retailers are saying an even bigger outcome from tablets. we recently wrote about, whose CEO, Jason Goldberg, told me that mobile users are twice as expected to buy products than mechanism visitors and that a iPad has purchase amounts that are an sequence of bulk aloft than on iPhone, Android and a web.

Tablet commerce is fueled by a fact that a incomparable shade on a inclination provides a lot of genuine estate to see products, and a hold interface lets consumers get even some-more insinuate in their offered than with a PC. Tablets are some-more unstable than laptops, so they lend themselves to offered from a cot or a bed, yet they can beget sales on a go as well. The fact that tablets are still some-more of an early adopter device also means that users are some-more abundant and tech-savvy, so they might be some-more prone to spend and buy online.

The pull toward inscription offered usually strong this holiday deteriorate as consumers cranked adult their offered from mobile devices. IBM reported that sales from mobile inclination doubled this past holiday season, attack 11 percent of online purchases, compared with 5.5 percent in Dec. 2010. That helped pull altogether online sales adult 7.5 percent over 2010. The iPad had a top acclimatisation rate for transactions, during 6.3 percent, compared with 3.1 percent for all mobile devices. In fact, on Christmas day, about 7 percent of all online purchases were finished regulating iPads. 

E-commerce program developer Ability Commerce said last week that mobile offered revenues on Android grew by 173 percent compared to final holiday season, while iOS had a 338 percent boost in revenues. The iPad, while generating one-third a trade of a iPhone and Android, had 33 percent some-more income than both iPhone and Android combined.

If it is not apparent to retailers already, a universe is branch mobile. If it is tangible sales they are after, they need to consider about how they are portion inscription users. Smartphones are still unequivocally critical and mostly offer as a investigate tool, assisting accumulate information that can be used for a after purchase. But increasingly, consumers are display that they adore offered on a tablet. This is something Steve Jobs accepted unequivocally good some-more than decade ago when he told a Wired contributor in 1997 that a advantage of a web was going to be satisfied by people meddlesome in offered things.

“It’s some-more than publishing. It’s commerce. People are going to stop going to a lot of stores. And they’re going to buy things over a Web!” he said.

That prophesy has crystallized with a iPad. And this is something Amazon has also clearly picked adult on with a Kindle Fire, that is unequivocally usually a front finish for a online store. It is almost too easy to squeeze something from a Kindle Fire, that combines a strengths of inscription offered with Amazon’s one-touch offered experience. If they haven’t already, retailers need to know how to gain on this opportunity. As’s Goldberg told me, he has treated a inscription knowledge on Fab’s mobile apps most like a smartphone experience.

But there is some-more to be finished to support to inscription users and entirely build on that graphic opportunity, that is usually going to grow as tablets proliferate. That means optimizing for tablets and a iPad privately and creation certain a website works good for inscription users regulating hold input. Wal-Mart, for example, put out iPad and iPhone apps in November that had opposite capabilities that catered to a singular use cases for any device, with a iPad app focused on offered and browsing while a iPhone app featured offered lists, QR formula scanning, coupons and a store object locator.

Last year was a dermatitis year for inscription shopping, even with a singular invasion of tablets. But this year is going to be huge, with a new iPad out shortly and a Kindle Fire and Nook Color creation tablets even some-more affordable on a low end. The doubt of either users cite to buy on a inscription has been answered. Now it is usually a doubt of how most business retailers can hillside in by holding advantage of that fact.

Images pleasantness of iStockphoto, Flickr user shareski

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